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About Me:
Official Bio:

Eric Barton is the father to 2 wonderful boys, author of “Fast and Easy Steps To Marketing Succe$$”, member of America’s PremierExperts, a direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, search engine optimization/pay per click specialist and serial entrepreneur.

Eric’s unconventional and “results driven” views on business and marketing has attracted international attention earning him invitations to be featured on local and national press, including Entrepreneur Magazine, America’s Premier Experts, ABC News, CBS Money Watch and many more online and offline media sources.

Eric is dedicated to helping business owners increase their business the fastest and easiest way possible. He lives by the saying…“The True Definition of Success Is Helping Others Succeed”.

Unofficial Bio:

I think the world is flooded with marketing companies and “gurus” who are doing more harm than good to business owners.

They promise you something good, take your hard earned money and then give you headaches, hassles and leave you with an even smaller bank account.

That’s not fair to you or anyone else.

I created FastEasySuccess Marketing with a few goals in mind. What are they?

They Are…

To give you and other serious business owners-the massive value and results deserved and desired.

To make the typical “marketing process” a stress-free, fun and profitable experience.

And to put the true passion back into your business so you, your customers and others can benefit much more. What do I mean by others? Well…

Here’s something amazing that you may or may not thought of before….

When you grow your business and make more money, you’ll also be benefiting so many others as well.

Think about it…

You make more money, customers or clients receive more value, the community has a much better chance of becoming greater because more money is flowing through the area, more taxes earned and amazingly…

Even school systems can improve all because a business prospers.

This is way bigger than your business building-this is community building.

Why couldn’t you be the one getting rich, prospering in your business and field or niche?

Why shouldn’t you be the one to benefit from providing value to everyone around you at the same time?

A win/win for everyone.

If serious, looking for maximum value and finally ready to get the results you truly deserve-then we should definitely talk. You can call me to discuss your goals at 563.235.9155.

To Your Success-
Eric Barton, the "Results Specialist"

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