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"I decided to hire you Eric because it seemed like you were offering a great value for my advertising dollar. I have to say fantastic! The best thing is the results. But, I especially really appreciated your punctuality relative to promises made before payment. If someone was thinking about hiring you and asked my opinion, I would honestly tell him/her that I am no guru but you delivered on every promise and there was tremendous value in what was provided."
Jim Gilland - Gilland Law Firm

"I am very pleased with your services and thought they were excellent. You were very responsive and I appreciate the fact that you handled my project like a true inside member of my company. I have seen an increase in results by about 20% the first week already. Thanks Again."
Niranjan Rajaratnam – Creatus

"I've been in the computer industry and know quite a bit about SEO, but didn't have time to work on that. As you know, when I found you I wasn't sure if you would be able to get the top rankings in google and be able to produce the results in the time you promised me. You worked with me on great keyword phrases for my industry and within a weeks time I saw your work's results from my web statistics program. I will be telling anyone that wants results fast to hire you. Thanks!"
Lee Guttentag – PetCremainsInGlass

"After speaking with you I relied on my intuition and knew you would do all you said you would do. You are a f*** genius and you exceeded my expectations! When I said I would refer people to you I wasn't sure if I should tell them to "back off your all mine!"(lol) really a fantastic service and again thank you!"
Jean-Paul Goodrich - Goodrich Insurance

“Eric, fantastic service and wouldn’t change a thing you’re doing! Everything we discussed is what you delivered. I really liked the fact that you made sure everything was done right from the beginning and was done correctly even after the project was completed. You gave excellent customer service and really appreciated the fact that when I had a question or needed you, I was able to reach you via phone right away. You delivered on what was promised in just days and I’m extremely happy with everything you did. Highly recommend your company and services to anyone.”
David Hersh - Magic By David

“I came to you to increase my marketing efforts. Your service was incredible and I liked the fact that you were very very responsive and a good communicator. I will be telling others how you are a great communicator and strive for perfection!”
David Totten - Visual Web Creations

"Your search engine services is excellent and you offer great value. You had great turn around times and you made my goals attainable within a few phone calls. The services you did for me had visible results in just days. I'm going to tell others it would be wise to use your services."
Paul Brandon - Vehicle Media Group

“You provided a full service that other companies do not offer as well as marketing and seo techniques that other companies do not know how to do. I wasn't sure if the services offered were going to be long lasting and if white hat techniques are used. The quality of work was excellent and top results fast. Work ethic was excellent as well. The best customer service experience one could ask for and made me feel very confident that I picked the right person to do my marketing. Thanks again for everything!”
Alex Optimum

“You are a Marketing Machine! Thank You So Much.”
Dennis Hartigan - State Farm Insurance

"After speaking with you I realized the risk reward was clearly in our favor. You gave good communication of services and what you were going to perform. I still thought your services may be to good to be true. I really like the fact that you updated us throughout the project and you got the project completed on time as promised. The results are clear and you gave us almost instant results. This service was great and definitely worth the money. Thanks we will be talking soon."
Michael Reilly - Emerge America

"I was paying the search engines too much, I wasn't being seen 24/7, and I didn't want to worry about maintaining ads. I came to you to promote my business and you did a great job. I liked best about your service that you were honest, kept me up to date, and exceeded our expectations with your work. We actually received calls within days of your services. I will highly recommend you to anyone."
Sanaa Salama - Anywhere Florida LLC

“Eric I came to you to get the most exposure as possible on the net and for you to get us high rankings on the search engines. My concerns before I started working with you was about working with a honest guy, getting mega-exposure, and having excellent customer service. Your service was great and accomplished more than I thought you would!! I will be telling other people that you are very reliable and can get the job done!”
Israel Hager - New Age Media

"Since we were not getting enough views on the website, people could not find us easily and not enough information on us out there, I came to you to get us exposure on the net. Your services were excellent and I liked that I didn't have to do anything. I will be telling others that you are fast and get it done without the hassles. Thanks again for your help!"
Greg Gilla - RobotCity Workshop

"I came to you because i needed better optimization and marketing for my website and company. You were prompt, thorough, and Effective! I'll be telling others You are a person of integrity and offer a great service. Thanks Again!"
Michael Singletary - M Salon

"Your service is 5 stars! You delivered on time and you provided very good quality work."
Fabio De Luca - Instant Postings

"I was afraid at first since your service was so economical, that you wouldn't do all you say. Your service was excellent. You were honest, creative, and great at communicating. I will for sure be telling others to hire you because we received a great return on investment and your prices are very reasonable."
Joseph Morrone - MoFo Media Inc

“I had an immediate feeling of trust from you and didn't have this immediate feeling with others that I tried in the past. Honestly, I was so happy with everything and because you broke down everything so specific, I found it all pretty easy. You put a lot of time into my project and I liked the fact that you didn’t give me a one size fits all service like others try to do. As you know, been doing this a while and had no sales when I first came to you. Immediately after putting your copy up Eric, I received my first two sales. Thank You So Much. Love Suzanne”
Suzanne O’Brien- Reiki Training

“I needed someone with solid experience in sales copy who could help me take my copy to the next level, and it was clear to me that you could do that. You proved to me right away that you really know sales. The quality of your work is simply superb! You took my ad from mediocre to sizzling and that is exactly what I needed! Next time I know someone who is looking for another copywriter, I would tell them that I recommend you for sure. Even though your fees aren't cheap, you know your stuff and deliver great results. Your services are not an impulse purchase. They are a business investment and a damn good business investment I would say. Anticipate hiring you again and again.”
Kyle Varner- Washington State

“Eric, as you know, I really was growing frustrated at my lack of success gaining quality traffic to my site and finding good sound advice that wasn't just smoke. I wasted countless hours and money since January to help my business and had no luck. There are a lot people out there making fake promises and I didn’t know if you could help me since I had done enough damage to it through my past campaigns. You were always great at explaining and clarifying any questions I had and everything worked out great. You provide the perfect service for someone who is interested in big results. You have really cleared up a lot of my personal time. Oh yea, and so far, i really like the results! I'm on page 1 already and have been making sales every day since we started working together. I'm excited what the near future holds. You're the best!”
Eric Manford- Best Backpacking Tents

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