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Search Engine Optimization:
Guaranteed Top Rankings Within 90 Days

What could be better than guaranteed top rankings within 90 days for your business?
How about only a one time investment as well?
Welcome to the only place in the world that guarantees you fast top rankings on the major search engines and ...

All the social media exposure needed and...

Your experiencing all the results for only a one time investment.

Here's some quick stats:
Internet Live Stats reports...

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.

According to BrightEdge...

51 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search.

They also report...

Over 40 percent of revenue is captured by organic traffic.

4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information.

2 trillion is the estimated number of searches Google is handling per year worldwide.

That breaks down to 63,000 searches per second; 3.8 million searches per minute; 228 million searches per hour; 5.5 billion searches per day; and 167 billion searches per month.

According to Search Engine Land:

40-60 billion searches are taking place on Google in the U.S.-each month alone.

As you probably already have uncovered...

Most companies will charge you a set up fee and a high priced-ongoing monthly charge.

Plus, most companies actually have the nerve to say you need wait up to 6 months to actually see anything.

Do you want to wait a half a year for possible results?

Or wait a half a year or more just to see if anything will ever happen?

Of course not...

So go ahead and pick up the phone and give me a call so I can send you info on this entire value packed package I offer to my clients.

"I Was paying the search engines too much, I wasn't being seen 24/7. I Came to you to promote my business and you did a great job. I liked best about your service that you were honest, kept me up to date, and really exceeded our expectations with your work. We received calls within days of your services. I will highly recommend you to anyone."
Sanaa Salama -Anywhere Florida LLC

“Wanted to say I definitely will be working with you in the future. I have already seen an increase in business around 30% for my HELOC program in about 32 days.”
Karen Gellies - Shoreline Mortgage

Pay Per Click Marketing
Want to know 1 of the fastest ways to generate targeted-hungry-ready to buy leads and customers is?

Pay Per Click Marketing on Facebook and Google.

Google & Facebook PPC are the two largest advertisers on the Internet.

To be exact, as of 2019...

Google currently holds 37.2% of the digital advertising market, whereas Facebook holds 19.6%.

According to Social Media Today...

Internet traffic through pay-per-click advertisements bring approximately 50% more lead conversions than organic web traffic.

Google reports that all paid search ads can boost brand awareness by as much as 80 percent, making consumers more likely to remember your brand and interact.

Statista reports...consumers make more than 160 billion searches per month just on Google alone.
Wordstream says...

65 percent of all clicks made by users who intend to make a purchase go to paid ads and finally...

According to Formstack and myself, PPC ads are one of the top three generators of on-page conversions.

(I would like to add, when it is done correctly)

A lot of companies will try to promise all kinds of traffic, but not all traffic is created equal.

I not only focus on generating traffic, I concentrate on getting you quality traffic.

You'll be enjoying the fact that you will be attracting people looking for your product and services. Not wasting time with people not interested in what you have to offer.

I'll instantly put them right on your website and or current sales message.

If you have a current pay per click campaign and struggling with the other companies...

Or trying to do it all yourself and want to see the explosive results craving to achieve...


If brand new to the game and don't have any pay per click campaigns going yet and desire to get up and running...

Then simply stop what you're doing now, pick up the phone and go ahead and try to take advantage of my services that may be available to you.

Once you do that, go ahead and get ready to welcome all the traffic waiting for you.

I will do it all. A to Z for you.

Manage the entire campaign for you on Facebook and or Google...

Write the direct response ads so you can sit back and take care of the calls and sales coming in and...

Boost your conversion rates, leads and sales.

Let me show you how fast, easy and profitable pay per click marketing truly can be.

Direct Response Copywriting
If you have a website, sales letter, sales page, webinar script, landing/squeeze page, email campaign or any other writing project online or offline and...

Want mind blowing responses to go with it, then you need to know one important thing if haven't figured it out by now...

Hiring just a copywriter is not the same as hiring a direct response copywriter.

Whats the difference? Simply this...

A copywriter usually writes content and puts words on your page.

A direct response copywriter causes people to raise their hand, open their wallets or purses and makes people say "Yes I want that!".

When you and I talk and I start your writing project, I begin to make sure you stand out from all your competition...

Your product or service has a new exciting edge...

Your market stays engaged with your business and...

Most importantly, you are able to experience the dramatic increase in leads, customers and sales.

The direct response copy is important, but before a single word is written...

I begin using my special FESM Research Methods.

I start by digging really deep into your competitors, ideal target market, your product or service, business and much- much more.

Once I'm armed with all this research and uncovered the important and new exciting details...

Then I finally begin to create all the money attracting copy you need and desire.

I do things alot different than others out there as well.

For One...

You'll notice most will try to even charge you again for rewriting the poor copy they completed for you.

If the copy you paid them for is terrible or not pulling any results, why should you have to pay again?

Even though I am confident you're going to love the direct response copy I create for you...

If for some strange reason not pulling the very best possible results, I'll actually rewrite it until performs at results you'll be truly satisfied with.


If you or someone else wrote something for you and you feel should be pulling better...

I guarantee I can beat the current copy running by 20% or more-right off the bat or...

I'll edit and continue to write till hits the target-all for free.

Go ahead and give me a ring to discuss your next direct response copy project.

Discover how fast and easy the right words can make your phone ring and cause your profits to soar like never before.

Breakthrough Marketing Strategy Session
I actually chose to give these ($750 value) breakthrough strategy sessions away.

I can only do these for a limited number of serious business owners (6 a month) since I don’t pass you off to a sales person in disguise or another person. This is not a sales call at all.

No pitch-No obligation and best of all, it is completely valuable and free for you.

I do all these personally.

You’ll walk away with not only a real game plan to now start generating large piles of leads and customers immediately...

You’ll also have a brand new outlook on your market and what is really possible for yourself and your business.

Why do I give these valuable strategy sessions away?

Because this is my way of giving back to business owners and entrepreneurs.

I help as many serious people as I can.

I have helped thousands and thousand through my books, courses, services and my coaching and will continue to do so.

I also know this...

You may be so thrilled and excited after our breakthrough time together that you may ask to be a client and have me do it all for you-fast and easy.

(By The Way, If We Do Work Together, Your Satisfaction and Results Are Backed By My Personal 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

Try asking another marketing strategist or service if they’ll 100% Guarantee results and watch how much they either laugh or squirm)

I really enjoy taking the time to do these breakthrough strategy sessions because I get to provide amazing value and at the same time, possibly find the dream clients I like to work with. A Win/Win.

I get to uncover business owners that are serious about their business, open to new ideas and want to transform their business into an absolute-profitable powerhouse.

Craving to have a business where leads and customers are chasing you with wallets and purses open-eagerly waiting to buy your products/services.

You can take all the massive value received during our no cost-no obligation-absolutely free 30 minute breakthrough session ($75o Value) and do everything talked about all yourself with no obligation or costs-ever.

You’ll walk away with a real game plan to put into action immediately.


If you choose to hear how I can personally help you, my schedule is open and feel we would be a good match, after our session we can talk about me creating all the marketing and results for you.


if you're invited into this value packed coaching/mastermind program, you’ll now quickly discover this isn’t your typical “coaching program” or some cheap program because this isn’t about getting you cheap results.

This is all about breaking your income ceiling.

Absolutely crushing all your income goals as fast and easy as possible and...

Now running a stress-free, profitable business you're proud of.

I should mention that even if you've tried something like a coaching program before and failed, you will succeed here for sure. Why?

Because in this program you have my personal support.

Continual support.

If you are accepted into this exclusive coaching and mastermind program…

Working together means we both have skin in the game.

I’m taking you by the hand from a to z, showing you how to bring your business to the level of results and success-truly desired.

I’ll be right there, for the next 60 days, every step of the way, lighting a fire under you, holding you accountable at every point, so you can be…

Working less…making more money…and providing massive value to your customers or clients-in record time.

For me, I take deep pride and am passionate about making sure 100% of every client accepted, succeeds.

This is a 60 day coaching program and we will be talking once a week along with keeping in contact during the week.

If like to learn more, see when the next spots are and if you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity, then give me a call today.

Conversion Optimization

What really is conversion optimization? Simply…

Turning your traffic or leads into sales.

If you have 100 visitors come to your website and 3 people buy or become a lead, then you accomplished a 3% conversion rate.

What if…

You were able to adjust that page your traffic is going to and now turn 100 of your visitors into 4, 7, 15 (or even more) leads or sales.

No matter what you sell, the smallest bump in conversions can increase your profits hugely over the week, month and years.

Let’s say your product cost 1,500.

If you are able to generate just one more sale a week over the next 12 months, that now would allow you to have an extra $78,000 flowing into your business.

That’s just increasing it by one sale.

Think way bigger if ready.

With my FESM Conversion Optimization Methods tm (perfected by doing thousands of tests for not only myself, but also clients in a large range of business niches) I can show how fast your conversion rates and profits will rise.

Don’t lose the traffic you have coming to your website, or even worst, push it across the table to your competitors after you’ve done all the work.

Pick up the phone today and let us discuss your business and goals so I can start showing you the results waiting.

To Your Success-
Eric Barton, the "Results Specialist"

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